🐋 TELEGRAM AMA: Im Community & Phoswap 🐋
⏰ AMA Timing : 27 February 2021 l 6:00 AM UTC
Venue For AMA : https://t.me/imcommunityitw
🎁 Reward Pool 150$ in PHO

Bà Tân | : Welcome everyone. Today Im Community will host AMA with Phoswap

Bà Tân | : Today our guest is: @alexanhtuan

Bà Tân | : Please introduce yourself a bit @alexanhtuan

Alex AT Nguyen : Hi guys! How are you doing? This is Alex Nguyen. I am the Founder & CEO of Phoswap.

Thanks everyone for participating! Thanks for having me and I am happy to be here today.

Bà Tân | : Thanks for the introduction.

Alex AT Nguyen : You are welcome

Bà Tân | : Today’s AMA will have 3 sessions

Sessions 1: The chat will be muted & the team will introduce themselves then we will ask some introduction questions to the team Phoswap

Sessions 2: We will pick 5 Best Question from our members on Our Tweet (https://twitter.com/IM_Communityitw/status/1365184613467914240).

Sessions 3: The conversation will open to the community questions and the 5 best questions will be selected -(75$)

Bà Tân | : Rules to follow AMA :

Join : Telegram group Phoswap (https://t.me/phoswap) and IM Community (https://t.me/imcommunityitw) , Channel Im community (https://t.me/imcommunityit) Follow: Twitter Phoswap (https://twitter.com/phoswapofficial) and IM Community (https://twitter.com/IM_Communityitw)

Web & Community:


Bà Tân | : Start session 1 AMA- 5 questions in session 1

Bà Tân | : Question1. Could you please introduce yourself and the team members of PhoSwap? @alexanhtuan

Alex AT Nguyen : There are 3 core people including me and my two other partners in the team. Unfortunately they cannot be here today but I can answer questions.

Bà Tân | : Say “Done” when you have finished the question, thank you.

Alex AT Nguyen : oh ok


Bà Tân | : Question2. When PhoSwap launch Farming?

Alex AT Nguyen : Well, currently staking pools are available. We have 4 pairs right now BNBPHO, PHOPHO, CAKEPHO and BUSDPHO. You can enjoy staking PHO to earn PHO with APR is 378.43%

We are working on releasing Farming pools and I believe that in the next 2 weeks they will be available.


Bà Tân | : Question3. Can you tell me how to join Staking in PhoSwap project?

Alex AT Nguyen : To join staking, you need to go to phoswap.io or phoswap.com and click on staking or use this link staking.phoswap.com

You can use Metamask on desktop or mobile and it is easy to use. With Trust wallet you need to use with a desktop and use walletconnect function on Trust to connect to the desktop and start using staking on the desktop. I recommend Metamask because it is easy to use. The only thing with this is you have to adjust the gas fees every time you approve, deposit, stake or unstake to save fees.


Bà Tân | : Question4. Why did you choose Binance Smart Chain as PhoSwap development Chain? Does PhoSwap intend to create a private chain?

Alex AT Nguyen : Good question! You know before starting Phoswap, I had to do some research on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain and came to the decision that I chose BSC. First, the fees are much cheaper on BSC. Also fast transactions on BSC. We started Phoswap in October 2020 and BSC was like 6 or 7 month old at that time so I thought not many competitions and also attract more new users. Second, BSC is compatible with Ethereum so what I got used to Ethereum I can apply to BSC easily. Right now we do not think about private chain.


Bà Tân | : Question5. What makes us believe and invest in the project?

Alex AT Nguyen : Well, before starting Phoswap, I had some other projects. Some successful some failed but Phoswap is my dream. I know DEX will lead the crypto market soon and Phoswap will be going to that path. Phoswap also has my culture in there. So from the project owner, I promise this is my lifetime project and never give up and continue to work hard and build this to be one of the top projects on BSC. On the community side, we have users we have support from the community, people are joining Phoswap everyday. They support Phoswap and we do the right thing.


Bà Tân | : End of session 1

Bà Tân | : We will move on to session 2

Sessions 2: We will pick 5 Best Question from our members on Our Tweet (https://twitter.com/IM_Communityitw/status/1365184613467914240).

Bà Tân | : Question1. @CaoHa27628628

What motivated you to start the PHOSWAP project?

Alex AT Nguyen : I started this project in October 2020 after those DeFi boom YFI YFII Pancakeswap and Burger and Bakery…

I like DeFi and want to build something that is why I start Phoswap


Bà Tân | : Question2. @Mira9659

With recent rugpulls and expliots, do you plan on getting the contracts audited to make sure users are safe?

Alex AT Nguyen : We have the audit just done by Certik. And you guys can take a look on its website

Everything looks good


Bà Tân | : Question3. @quangle10444185

Why did you decide to call your project Phoswap ? Have you ever thought that due to the Phoswap name some investors would not trust $Pho ?

Alex AT Nguyen : Well, thinking about food swap. I like Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) that is why I chose Phoswap and Pho is popular in Vietnam in everywhere in the world i think

If they trust Pancake sushi they will trust Pho



Bà Tân | : Question4. @Gotomsing46

What are the recent challenges the team has faced?

Alex AT Nguyen : Well, we had some delays and Staking pools had some issues but we fixed them and we also refunded all users. I think they are happy with that and we are happy to do so too


Bà Tân | : Question5. @VOHAVU1

The user community is important to a crypto project. How does #Phoswap evaluate the importance of the user community? In the near future, does #Phoswap have any special plans to attract and expand the community?

Alex AT Nguyen : Community is Key. I know it is the most important part of the project success. We do marketing, airdrops AMA …we want more users and we trust to bring more and more users. We are planning on some marketing events that you will know soon.


Bà Tân | : End of session 2

Bà Tân | : We’ll move on to session 3

Bà Tân | : Sessions 3: The conversation will open to the community questions and the best questions will be selected

Those who have not joined the @phoswap will not be invited to answer questions by guests. Please join the group.

🍀Jőhn L🍀 : Go Go

🍀Jőhn L🍀 : OMG !!!

2000 quetions in 30 seconds 😳😳

Bà Tân | : Over 2000 questions were sent in 1 minute

Bà Tân | : Pick 5 good questions and answer them for session 3 @alexanhtuan.

Alex AT Nguyen : Some people asking about how to buy PHO on Pancakeswap

Q1. Hello Mr. @alexanhtuan

I have never done a swap on Pancake Swap, How to buy Phoswap Token from Pancake Swap with SmartChain BNB, do you have a tutorial? Also can you give me the $ PHO smart contract token?

Alex AT Nguyen : this one

the easy way is you go to pancakeswap exchange and paste PHO contract on the search

this is PHO contract: 0xb9784C1633ef3b839563B988c323798634714368

Q2. What is the number #1 priority for Phoswap in the next 6 months?

Alex AT Nguyen : Well we need to complete the platform Swap, Staking, Farming and Lottery then we will move to NFT and DEX within the next 6 months

Q3. Who is your typical partner? What is the benefit of cooperation for both?

Alex AT Nguyen : I do not have a typical partner. It depends on what kind of cooperation. I am open to all kinds of partner.

Q4. As you know Covid-19 has a large impact in the crypto Market, So How can your company maintain its project and also the team that are working hard during this pandemic?

Alex AT Nguyen : Actually crypto is the internet. We are working normally :) We can also have team work on Zoom. That is fun and save a lot of money on travelling right?

Q5. I want to learn more about Phoswap , but the information is very small,the community is relatively empty and less, what strategy does Phoswap team have to develop the community and maintain long-term user?

Alex AT Nguyen : We have telegram group and twitter where you can learn about the project and get updated news. We continue to use these channels as the main communications between the project and the community.

Alex AT Nguyen : Done

Bà Tân | : End of session 3

Bà Tân | : For questions that have not been answered today, you can send them to @phoswap for answers.

Bà Tân | : Thanks for the useful information from @alexanhtuan.

Alex AT Nguyen : Thank you very much

Bà Tân | : Allright, i declare the Im Community AMA with Phoswap has ended. 🥳

Bà Tân | : Thanks to @SainathG | Phoswap has joined us and provided us with Phoswap information, we hope that this knowledge makes us understand more about https://phoswap.io

Alex AT Nguyen : Thanks everyone and Im Community

Bà Tân | : To the members, thank you for following this event to the end. winners will be announced soon.

Alex AT Nguyen : Have a great day or night guys :) 👍

🍀Jőhn L🍀 : Thank for coming here to day @alexanhtuan

Alex AT Nguyen : Thank you

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