[Partnership Announcement] Mixed Rarity x IM Community

1 min readAug 12, 2023

🆒We are honored to introduce our partner — Mixed Rarity🆒

_Mixed Rarity is an omnichain NFT marketplace where you can buy and sell Non-Fungible tokens on any supported chains. Using the omnichain smart contracts technology that allows us to read/write to connected chains.

_Mixed Rarity ecosystem is a unique and complex system that consists of multiple blockchain networks. Utilizing the Omichain Interoperabality Protocol, They are able to create an ecosystem that enables seamless communication and collaboration between these different blockchain networks.

➡️Mint/Create NFTs
➡️Free Minting / Lazy minting
➡️Cross-chain capability
➡️Mixed Rarity Auction
➡️KYC Verification

‘’ ❇️Through this collaboration, IM Community will support media for Mixed Rarity to our channels and expand both team’s global communities and brand coverage ‘’


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📌You guys can trade NFTs now on Mixedrarity.com📌

🌐Social Media of Mixedrarity Project :
Website (https://mixedrarity.com/) | Twitter (https://twitter.com/MixedRarity) | Discord
(http://discord.gg/7V3xUS6BvC)| Telegram Group (https://t.me/mixedrarityofficial) | Zeal Community (https://zealy.io/c/mixedrarity/invite/wKzFUZlBwsELHY5Gx2DLO)




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