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Bà Tân | : Welcome @adam_lever from Lever Network

Bà Tân | : Welcome everyone. Today Im Community will host AMA with Lever Network.

Bà Tân | : Today our guest is: @adam_lever from Lever Network.

Adam | Lever Network CMO : Thanks for having me here today to discuss Lever, Im ready to get started🙂

Bà Tân | : Please introduce yourself a bit: @adam_lever

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Adam | Lever Network CMO : My name is Adam and I’ve been in crypto for almost 4 years, having worked closely with several great projects within Defi in particular.

I’m currently the CMO of Lever handling market analysis and outreach/exposure. But let me introduce our team a little bit more as well.

The team is from the US and China. Our core members have spent a lot of years in the blockchain area and have lent their expertise in building out Lever with Jeff and Frank leading the way.

Jeff Lian — CEO of Lever Network

•Cofounder of Bitmain funded startup BlockHop whose NFT blockchain game Realm X once had over 10K users.

•Worked for Ping An Financial Technology and Mashang Finance, with 10 years of work experience in Fintech and the Internet industry.

•During his work at Ping An, he was responsible for product management, achieved the increase of tens of millions of users.

•Jeff took part in the development of Credit Passport, which was the first blockchain product of Ping An after joining R3 Corda and also one of the early blockchain products in China.

•In addition, he has several blockchain patents.

Frank — Chief Scientist Officer.

An expert in the defi tokenoimics area. Have served as data scientist before in U.S. Currently working on the optimization areas as a PhD candidate. Frank published multiple papers in the top journal for the optimization and algorithm applications.

Serveral successful DeFi products were developed by the team:

• A lending protocol with a TVL of 100 million USD and 0 security incidents.

• A dAPP with the most transaction volume on TRON.

• A Bitmain funded NFT sandox game with over 10,000 users.

Bà Tân | : Thanks for the introduction 👏

Bà Tân | : Today’s AMA will have 3 sessions

Sessions 1: The chat will be muted & the team will introduce themselves then we will ask some introduction questions to the team Lever Network

Sessions 2: We will pick 5 Best Question from our members on Our Tweet (https://twitter.com/IM_Communityitw/status/1390319065307107332).

Sessions 3: The conversation will open to the community questions and the 5 best questions will be selected.

Bà Tân | : Start session 1 AMA @adam_lever

Bà Tân | : Question1. First, give a brief introduction about the Lever network project to the community.

Adam | Lever Network CMO : Lever is a decentralized margin trading platform that allows users to lend, borrow and carry out leveraged trading without needing to transfer assets to other third-party platforms. Its innovative features are as follows:

Enormous Liquidity.

By introducing external AMMs, like Uniswap, SushiSwap and PancakeSwap, users can open long and short positions on our platform with a wide range of assets including Uniswap( UNI), Synthetix( SNX), Wrapped Bitcoin( wBTC) and Aave.

High Capital Efficiency.

As both a lending platform and a DEX, Lever provides a trading scenario for loans and also offers margin trading service to traders, which can significantly increase loan frequency and loan size, making high capital efficiency possible. Moreover, Lever allows users to use their tokenized deposit certificates from other lending platforms to earn interest or take out loans for leveraged margin trading.

Easy-to-use Interface.

A visualized position management interface is designed to help users easily open or close positions in just one click. Besides, by integrating with TradingView, a professional candlestick chart is also provided to ensure the best trading experience.

@adam_lever Please say “Done” when you have finished the question, thank you.


Bà Tân | : Question2. What difficulties did the Lever Network team face when developing the project?

Adam | Lever Network CMO : While decentralized finance, also known as DeFi, is experiencing exponential growth, it is also faced with a major challenge of low utilization of funds. On the one hand, lending and trading are relatively isolated in DeFi as users cannot take out loans and directly trade within a single lending protocol or DEX. On the other hand, margin trading as a trillion-dollar market in the crypto world is absent from DeFi, i.e. users can hardly long or short an asset in any DEX. That is the reason we decided to build lever in the first place.

Lever is essentially an open-source margin trading platform where you can lend, borrow and perform leveraged trading to either buy long/sell short an asset in just one place. For lenders/borrowers, you can lend your idle crypto assets (including your deposit certificates from other lending protocols) to earn interest or use them as collateral to take out loans.


Bà Tân | : Question3. Why did the Lever Network group choose the Mask Network platform to sell ITO and not another platform?

Adam | Lever Network CMO : We chose to do an ITO through Mask Network because of how much they involve the community in decisions and take users opinion into account along with their prestigious track record. That is something we at Lever pride ourselves on, community feedback, and after the ITO on May 5th that’s exactly what was done to prevent front run bots. Besides Mask Network, we also had a prior SHO on DAOMaker, public sale on Gnosis Auction (ended a few minutes ago), and our Gate.io Startup sale. Uniswap and Pancakeswap have also just gone live.


Bà Tân | : Question4. .Where can users buy $LEV ? What benefits will holders of $LEV receive?

Adam | Lever Network CMO : LEV auction just ended on Gnosis Auction. Buy $LEV on Gate.io launch on 4:00 UTC 5/08 as well as has just went live on Uniswap and Pancakeswap: https://twitter.com/LeverNetwork/status/1390639720384720899

And for traders, after making a margin deposit in the margin pool, you will be able to open either long or short positions in a supported asset in Lever with up to 3x leverage. The platform makes use of external AMMs like Uniswap to provide surplus liquidity for margin traders to open positions of any size.

We do not have a plan to reward people with buyback fees or rewards for LEV at the first stage. But we will consider having lp mining rewards and others in later stage.

Of course, we will spend more in developing more products into lever system. That is the biggest gain for LEV holders as well as future governance of the protocol.


Bà Tân | : Question5. Could you please share with us the visions and goals of Lever Network in 2021?

Adam | Lever Network CMO : We will be continuously expanding our platform and ecosystem. The team is currently focusing to launch on ETH but we have plans on BSC, HECO, Matic, DOT, etc. in the future. In addition to that, Layer2 compatibility, an NFT marketplace, Leveraged Liquidity Mining, and additional AMM support will be on our schedule. Check out our roadmap here: https://lever.network/Light-Paper.pdf. It is also our ability to feature cross-chain AMM margin trading and future incentive programs will drive user acquisition.

By the way the testnet is always working as https://ropsten.lever.network and we will launch BSC and ETH very shortly. The estimate is around one week or so for the release of the networks. I’ve also attached a graphic of our roadmap below.


Bà Tân | : End of session 1

Bà Tân | : We will move on to session 2

Sessions 2: We will pick 5 Best Question from our members on Our Tweet (https://twitter.com/IM_Communityitw/status/1390319065307107332).

Bà Tân | : Rules to follow AMA : ⤵️

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Bà Tân | : Question1. @juki980

(https://twitter.com/juki980)It's hard for investors to trust and invest in new projects lately and most the project have claimed to be falsified, How do make investors trust your platform?

Adam | Lever Network CMO : Security is definitely our number 1 focus. Thus, Our platform is currently under audit by SlowMist, a renowned global company focusing on blockchain ecological security. We’ll also make sure that with every update in the future will be definitely audited by professionals to ensure the safety of the funds.

Not only that but we have an already working product available to try on testnet with Mainnet coming in the next few days.


Bà Tân | : Question2.@NancyWh25195880

(https://twitter.com/NancyWh25195880)I love Hackethon and it’s healthy for both community and for project itself. Do you have plan to involve community developers and run a Hackethon program?

Adam | Lever Network CMO : Thats a great question, we always have bug bounties for experienced developers to help us out and contribute. Check out more details in our telegram https://t.me/LeverNetwork . This will be ongoing as we plan to always ensure we have an extremely well developed protocol.


Bà Tân | : Question3. @BENSTOCk23

(https://twitter.com/BENSTOCk23)Is your project is fully decentralized?Also, is there any possibility of centralization in the future?

Adam | Lever Network CMO : Yes it is decentralized with LEV holders getting a governance vote. We are in the defi world thus we have not considered centralization at any point.


Bà Tân | : Question4. @Sem4009

(https://twitter.com/Sem4009)DeFi is great. But for DeFi, the gas fee is crazy high on Ethereum. So, any plan to move on BSC or other layer-2 solution?

Adam | Lever Network CMO : Yes of course! That will be one of our main points of development, BSC/HECO launch is the first step following our Mainnet Launch on Ethereum! More chains and other Layer 2s will also be deployed in the future.


Bà Tân | : Question5.@AbMahmuddd

(https://twitter.com/AbMahmuddd)What is the role of tokens in the ecosystem? Where can people currently buy it? What is the functions of the tokens?

Adam | Lever Network CMO : To sum up what we talked about earlier, LEV will act as a governance token helping to decide the future decisions of the protocol as well as future incentive programs. You can purchase LEV once trading is live on Gate.io as well as it has just gone live on Uniswap and Pancakeswap here https://twitter.com/LeverNetwork/status/1390639720384720899


Bà Tân | : End of session 2

Bà Tân | : We’ll move on to session 3

Sessions 3: The conversation will open to the community questions and the best questions will be selected.

Bà Tân | : Rules to follow AMA : ⤵️

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Bà Tân | : Thanks for the questions from the community

Bà Tân | : @adam_lever Pick the 5 best questions and answer it for session 3.

Q1. Can you share your fundraising situation and how your private and public offering tokens are distributed? And what are the plans for the next IEO? What should we prepare if we want to participate?

Adam | Lever Network CMO : We are very thankful to have many partnerships and continue to grow new ones. We recently completed a $600,000 seed funding round led by ArkStream Capital, NGC Venture, AU21 Capital, LD Capital, DFG, YBB and DaoMaker.

These funds will be used to continuously expand our platform and ecosystem on Ethereum, BSC and other public blockchains in the future. We have also completed each of our SHO, ITO, and Public Sale offerings with listing just having gone live on Uniswap and Pancakeswap as well as launching trading on Gate.io tomorrow (May 8th)

Q2. Describe your main features that differentiate your project from other projects and what competitive advantages do you have for the current project?

Adam | Lever Network CMO : Our core competitive strategy includes product innovation and liquidity improvement.

Product innovation: DeFi is a field of unlimited innovation. Many new products can give inspiration to Lever, including motivating community developers and users to participate in the iteration of Lever. Lever is an extremely innovative and agile team. We will continue to make Lever stronger with openness.

Increased liquidity: Through continuous liquidity mining, Lever regularly attracts new users to enter and attract new funds to lock up positions. Eventually, the amount of locked assets and the number of users will be shaped into normal operation measures. In addition, Lever is actively establishing cooperation with institutional liquidity providers to provide Lever with more active and stable liquidity support through the professional practices of institutional traders. Additionally, you can see how we stack up from the graphic here as well

Q3. Do you have any plans to attract Non-crypto investors to Lever Network. Because it is the success of a project to get more investors who are still not in the crypto world. What are the plans to increase awareness around your in non-crypto space

Adam | Lever Network CMO : Yes of course! We will have guide article on medium and youtube for the non-professional margin trader. In addition to this, we will have something similar to tokenset to help people better learn to trade and use Lever.

Q4. Trust and security is very important in any business , what makes investors , customer and users safe secure when working with your project?

We are currently undergoing a security audit on our smart contracts by Slow Mist with an additional audit by Certik coming as well. We’ll also make sure that with every update in the future, it will be accompanied by a professional audit.

Q5. Community support is one of the biggest aspects of a project’s success. Most projects have programs that interact with their users. Does you have any special plans to attract and expand the community and improve the user experience?

Adam | Lever Network CMO : We will have some social airdrop events coming to welcome potential users. We will also launch our mainnet product on May 9th. We will be continuously expanding our platform and ecosystem and looking to the community for feedback, and eventually decision making by holders of LEV. We always want the community to express their feedback and help to distinguish Lever as a lead innovator for amm-based-decentralized margin trading and more! LEV token will be a governance token so holders themselves will be able to propose ideas and act on feedback accordingly as well. With Lever our community will always be our priority

Bà Tân | : End of session 3

Bà Tân | : Thanks for the useful information from @adam_lever

Bà Tân | : For questions that have not been answered today, you can send them to @LeverNetwork for answers.

Bà Tân | : Allright, I declare the Im Community AMA with Lever Network has ended.

Thanks to @adam_lever | Lever Network joined us and provided us with Lever Network information, we hope that this knowledge makes us understand more about https://lever.network/

To the members, thank you for following this event to the end. winners will be announced soon.

Today’s AMA winners please PM @quocnguyen1234 to provide reward information. Thanks everyone .

Adam | Lever Network CMO : Thank you for having me on today to give some insight into everything we’re working on over at Lever. The questions were great and we hope the community here has some better insight into what Lever is all about. All I can say is be sure to try it out while our Testnet is live at: https://ropsten.lever.network/

Our mainnet launches on May 9th and Pancakeswap and Uniswap listings are live, we hope to see you all there!🙂

Be sure to join for more Updates!

Telegram: https://t.me/LeverNetwork

Website: https://lever.network/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LeverNetwork

Ann Channel: https://t.me/levernetwork_ann

Lightpaper: https://lever.network/Light-Paper.pdf

Docs: https://docs.lever.network/

Listing: https://twitter.com/LeverNetwork/status/1390639720384720899?s=20

Ahrix : Thank you @adam_lever for joining the AMA today. Have a good day



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