GoBetty x IM community AMA RECAP

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🐋TELEGRAM AMA : Im Community & GoBetty 🐋
⏰ AMA Timing : 20th Nov 2022 l 12:00 PM UTC I 19:00 UTC + 7
Venue For AMA : https://t.me/imcommunityitw

🎁 Reward Pool 100$ USDT + 50 NFT GoBetly

➡️ The reward pool for the best 5 questions from Telegram is $50($10 Each) 💸
➡️ The reward pool for the best 5 questions from Twitter is $50 ($10 Each) 💸
➡️ The reward pool for the best 10 answers from Quiz is 50 NFT (5 Each) 💸
Bà Tân | :
Welcome @MarioDong from GoBetty������

Bà Tân | : Welcome everyone. Today Im Community will host AMA with GoBetty.

Bà Tân | : Today our guest is: @MarioDong from GoBetty.

Ahrix : Welcome @MarioDong to the IM community.

Mario Dong : Hello everyone! thanks for the introduction!

Bà Tân | : Can you introduce yourself to our Im Community?

Mario Dong : Hi IM community! Im Maro from Singapore

Mario Dong : Im the Head of Marketing for the project GoBetty and i will be here this evening before the start of the world cup to let you all understand more on this project

Mario Dong : Feel free to ask me anything and i will try my best to answer as best as i can

Bà Tân | : Thanks for the introduction❤️❤️

Bà Tân | : Today’s AMA will have 3 session

Session 1: Project Introduction

Session 2: Question From Twitter (https://twitter.com/IM_Communityitw/status/1593137512020512768) (will choose 5 question)

Session 3 : Quiz

Session 4: Free Asking (will choose 5 question)

Bà Tân | : So let’s start the first part of the AMA — questions from Im Community!

Bà Tân | : Q1.Can you briefly describe what is GoBetty? We would like to know more about it and how it works. @MarioDong

Mario Dong : GoBetty is a market prediction platform where predictors can come together to predict on real world events from simple game results to even political winner’s result.

How GoBetty works is easy, each event will have 2 or 3 options to choose from and when the winner is announced the pool will be consolidated from the losing pick and distribute to the winner based on play ratio.

Bà Tân | : Nice, thanks for such a detailed answer, lets move on!

Bà Tân | : Our second question is…

Bà Tân | : Q2.What are the outstanding features of the GoBetty project compared to other projects? @MarioDong

Mario Dong : GoBetty is 100% web3, which means all funds are safe as the website do not keep funds, once the result is available, claiming will be available to all winners.

GoBetty is a social project with rewards system, jackpot pool and close to no platform fee compared to other competitors, we also have NFTs from season to season to keep the platform and ecosystem fun and robust.

Bà Tân | : Great, sounds promising, thanks!

Bà Tân | : Please give our community some info on the next point

Bà Tân | : Q3.What role does the $GBY token play in your ecosystem? What are the benefits of long-term holding? @MarioDong

Mario Dong : $GBY soon will be able to used to predict on the events listed on the site, not only that $GBY is used for referral rewards and staking will be available to further reduce the platform fee.

our contract address: 0x451534AE9d06ca470c3659939Fb9463f0c88686D

Bà Tân | : Great, thanks!

Bà Tân | : The other thing that our community may be curious about is…

Bà Tân | : Q4.Can GoBetty team please update some GoBetty latest news or major events to attract more users? @MarioDong

Mario Dong : GoBetty team is a development focus team but please be well assured once development is completed we will do more marketing to attract more users, the GoBetty team will want to make sure all users have the best experience on the website and retain the loyalty, having good marketing without good product defeat the purpose of doing this project.

Currently the team will fully focus on World Cup while we are working hard behind the scene to give users more surprises once other developments are completed. All updates will be available on all our socials, please follow us to get the latest updates!

Bà Tân | : Impressive, thanks!

Bà Tân | : And the last question is…

Bà Tân | : Q5.What is the development roadmap of the GoBetty project at present and in the future? @MarioDong

Mario Dong : Roadmap is available on Gitbook, feel free to take a look. But as a simple summary of the roadmap we will thrive to change how the prediction market works and we are willing to listen to the users how the future of GoBetty can move so we can be the best Prediction Market platform in the future.


Great answers!

Thank you for your efforts and time ���

no worries

Bà Tân | : End of session 1

Bà Tân | : We will move on to session 2.

Bà Tân | : Session 2: Question From Twitter (https://twitter.com/IM_Communityitw/status/1593137512020512768) (will choose 5 question)

Bà Tân | : Question1. @almOnl_0

Advantage over competitors? Could you share some killer features of @GoBetty xyz your platform? And what are the benefits of holding your token for long- term.

Mario Dong : We are a web3 platform, you do not need to deposit any money into us, which means all funds are safe as the website does not keep funds.

GoBetty also have rewards system, jackpot pool and we keep our platform handling fee the lowest.

The GoBetty Community “mines” tokens through inviting friends onto GoBetty and by making predictions on GoBetty. In short, our tokens can only be unlocked through Referrals and by winning! There will be no additional tokens introduced to into the market from the rewards and staking pools.

Bà Tân | : Question2. @GrailPrety

Hacking is now more sophisticated, the potential for cyber attacks is a terrible threat… So what about the GoBetty_xyz platform’s security system? What security technologies & systems does GoBetty xyz use to protect user assets & data from hackers.

Mario Dong : Our smart contracts are done by our tech guy whom are very specialised in decentralized architecture. The smart contracts acts as laws and every users can check their pool status on the blockchain explorer at any time.

Bà Tân | : Question3. @youthunemploym4

The most important thing is the player.When players are satisfied, global partners increase, the price and value of the token will naturally increase. What plans does the team have in mind to make the player ecosystem more robust & attract players to @GoBetty.xyz.

Mario Dong : Sharing is caring: GoBetty not only rewards you when you make it big, but she makes sure that sharing pays off! GoBetty users are entitled to share in her success when they bring new friends in. Get rewarded with a percentage of transactions across the platform — up to 50% will be set aside to reward those bringing others on board with GoBetty

The GoBetty Community “mines” these tokens through inviting friends onto GoBetty and by making predictions on GoBetty. In short, our tokens can only be unlocked through Referrals and my winning! There will be no additional tokens introduced to into the market from the rewards and staking pools.

Power to the People: GoBetters decide prices on Pancake Swap. A high GBY price will see lesser GBY in circulation.

Bà Tân | : Question4. @juvanatub

I see that you have a GoBetty NFT Mystery Box, Each GoBetty FaNFT Mystery Box will draw a random participating national team. Can you tell us about what these mystery boxes are? What benefits do they bring and how can I get one of them? What is their price?

Mario Dong : FaNFTs — if you haven’t figured it out — are our unique NFTs that are designed and built around the gaming Fan, for the singular purpose of serving our GoBetters and enhancing their play and interactive element. Our FaNFTs — available for purchase with limited stocks — will revolutionize the gaming experience, and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. We’ll share more about what this means later on, so bear with us.

To fully immerse and enjoy the GoBetty ecosystem, our GoBetty Fans should equip themselves with FaNFTs. Aside from the various benefits stated above, FaNFT ownership completes the experience by allowing GoBetters to be a part of and connect with gaming and reward elements of GoBetty — both in and out of season. There’s something for everyone!

Well, they can come in any shape, size or form. They can be based on Teams, Players and even Countries, depending on the Seasons, Leagues, Games and on what’s hot at the moment! It all depends on just how creative our developers and our communities want to be! As part of game design, FaNFTs are randomized and are always a mystery!

FaNFTs purchased can allow GoBetty Fans to enjoy up to a whopping 40% reduction in fees for all predictions and game interactions made. FaNFTs also get you access to prize pools depending on the season. And the best part is, this is just the beginning!

Want a tease of what’s under the sheets? FaNFT holders may also gain access to our proprietary BettyVision — providing you with expert opinion and analysis to sharpen your edge for that winning advantage

Maximize your gains and win double! With FaNFTs, the possibilities are endless!

Bà Tân | : Question5. @Zaherzoom1

In such a competitive environment and at the present time with the struggle between platforms and the upcoming landing of more coins, how do you plan to scale and develop your project to a greater height to reach the moon?

Mario Dong : Thats why we let our community work with us and share our profits. Gobetty cant grow without players so the community are rewarded everytime they refer their friends to play with us!.

Bà Tân | : Congratulations to the winners of session 2.






Bà Tân | : Alright, Session 2 has finished perfectly. Appreciate your detailed responses @MarioDong ���

Bà Tân | : We will move on to session 3. There are 10 qiuz questions in all. Whoever answers correctly and fastest will win.

Bà Tân | : Câu hỏi số 1

1. GoBetty (GBY) là một nền tảng?

A Xây dựng một cộng đồng thể thao điện tử và thể thao dựa trên blockchain, nơi người chơi và người hâm mộ có thể kết nối, tham gia và chơi các game tương tác (interaction) và dự đoán (prediction) trên quy mô toàn cầu.

B Cung cấp các giải pháp về thanh khoản và tạo lập thị trường

C Xây dựng một metaverse thực tế ảo dành riêng cho các cộng đồng thể thao và thể thao điện tử

D Cung cấp các trò chơi thể thao thẻ bài (card game) như bóng đá, bóng rổ, bóng chày dựa trên NFT.

Bà Tân | : 2. Có các game dự đoán (prediction) nào hiện có trên GoBetty?

A Dự đoán kết quả trận đấu

B Nhà vô địch World Cup

C FaNFT prize pools

D Tất cả các đáp án trên

Bà Tân | : CÂU HỎI SỐ 3

Tổng cung của token GoBetty (GBY) là bao nhiêu?

A 10M

B 50M

C 100M

D 200M

Bà Tân | : CÂU HỎI SỐ 4

4 GoBetty hân hạnh đồng hành cùng kỳ FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 là kỳ World Cup thứ bao nhiêu?

A 19

B 22

C 24

D 27

Bà Tân | : câu hỏi số 5

5 GoBetty có các giải thưởng người dùng dành riêng cho World Cup 2022 lên tới?

A 1,000,000 GBY

B 3,000,000 GBY

C 6,000,000 GBY

D 10,000,000 GBY

câu hỏi số 6 nhé mn

Bà Tân | : 6 Điều nào sau đây là SAI về GoBetty FaNFT?

A GoBetty FaNFT được bày bán thành các Teams, Players và Quốc gia khác nhau.

B Giúp giảm tới 40% phí cho tất cả các game tương tác và dự đoán

C Được bán với số lượng hạn chế (first-come, first-served)

D Cho phép người chơi truy cập các thông tin và phân tích hữu ích của chuyên gia

cùng đến với câu hỏi số 7 nào

Bà Tân | : 7 NFT nào sau đây không nằm trong hệ thống GoBetty 2022 World Cup Country FaNFT?

A World Cup Diamond NFT: 70% off platform fees

B World Cup Gold NFT: 40% off platform fees

C World Cup Silver NFT: 20% off platform fees

D World Cup Bronze NFT: 10% off platform fees

câu hỏi số 8 là

Bà Tân | : 8 Chợ NFT của GoBetty được dự kiến sẽ ra mắt vào?

A Q4.2022

B Q1.2023

C Q2.2023

D Q3.2023

câu hỏi số 9 là

Bà Tân | : 9 APY staking mùa đầu tiên của token GBY là bao nhiêu?

A 10%

B 12%

C 15%

D 20%

Bà Tân | : và câu hỏi cuối cùng là

mn cố gắng nhé

10 Bên cạnh APY, người dùng có thể được giảm thêm tối đa bao nhiêu phần trăm phí nền tảng khi tham gia stake token GBY?

A 20%

B 30%

C 40%

D 50%

Bà Tân | : Congratulations to the winners of session 3.


2. @AJ_Nomen_clature

3. @jealousGranola41999


5. @jeck_10

6. @thu2603

7. @gleefulBurritos01988

8. @anhnguyen2103

9. @thu2603

10. @phamgam1999

Bà Tân | : xin chúc mừng 10 bạn đã giành chiến thắng phần 3 qiuz nhé

Bà Tân | : cảm ơn mn đã tham gia

Bà Tân | : tiếp theo chúng ta sẽ chuyển qua phần cuối cùng của buổi ama hôm nay

Bà Tân | : End of session 3

Bà Tân | : We’ll move on to session 4

Bà Tân | : Session 4: Free Asking (will choose 5 question)

Bà Tân | : Don’t forget to join the group https://discord.com/invite/gobetty

Bà Tân | : Are you ready @MarioDong ⚡️⚡️


Bà Tân | : Group will unmute now so everyone can ask questions.

Bà Tân | : Thanks for the questions from the community.

Bà Tân | : Now let’s give our dear guest @MarioDong some time to go through them.

Bà Tân | : I will choose some interesting questions as some other questions are very general i will answer as a whole

Q1. Many people want to learn about your project but they have problems with English, so do you plan to spread awareness about your project in different countries where English is not good? Do you have a marketing strategy aimed at developing many different communities?

Mario Dong : We are aware on this but due to time constraints and we are preparing for the world cup launch, currently we are only on English only but further down the road we will have other languages and thats the reason why we did our AMA on other language channel such as Chinese and Vietnamese.

looking at the response and the team will decide if a new channel is needed

Q2. Ambassadors play a very important role in every project, Do you have an ambassador program? If yes, how can I be one ?

Mario Dong : This question is interesting!

We agree that ambassadors are important but this will be on the next phrase of marketing effort as of now we are very development focus but if u are interested you can always DM us and we maybe able to plan

Q3. Without proper marketing and capital infusion, project dies, how do you convince us you have adequate marketing power and capital to push this project to the top project?

Mario Dong : Totally agree on this but due to the fact that most of the projects in the crypto industry now are marketing focus and they forget about how important to create a working product so we want to make sure our product can keep any users loyal and with further marketing in the future to create a stronger base to it.

Q4. Do you have a Token Burning plan to increase Token value and attract Investors to invest?

Mario Dong : Currently its not in the plans yet and 1 of the main reason for having only 100 millions tokens created. We believe more in users deciding the price of the tokens instead of doing burning promotion to hype an artificial price.

Mario Dong : I do see alot of questions actually leads to answers that can be found on our Gitbook


feel free to have a read there

and as for questions such as who are we targeting?

We would say close to everyone because GoBetty still consider not 100% completed alot of features are yet to be published so please be patient and follow us on socials.

Thank you all!

Bà Tân | : Thanks for the useful information from @MarioDong

Bà Tân | : End of session 3

Bà Tân | : For questions that have not been answered today, you can send them to https://discord.com/invite/gobetty for answers.

Bà Tân | : IM Community, if you would like to know more about GoBetty ! here are some useful links for you:

Official Website: https://gobetty.xyz

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GoBetty_xyz

Medium: https://medium.com/@Gobetty

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/gobetty.

Bà Tân | : Allright, I declare the Im Community AMA with GoBetty has ended.

Thanks to @MarioDong | GoBetty joined us and provided us with GoBetty information, we hope that this knowledge makes us understand more about https://gobetty.xyz/

To the members, thank you for following this event to the end. winners will be announced soon.

Bà Tân | : Congratulations to the winners of session 4.








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