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TELEGRAM AMA: Im Community & DoubleDice 🐋
⏰ AMA Timing : 15 December 2021 l 01:00 PM UTC l 20:00 GMT +7
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Bà Tân | :
Welcome @DoubleDice_com & @hiteshvarma and @zduniak from DoubleDice

Bà Tân | : Welcome everyone. Today Im Community will host AMA with DoubleDice

Bà Tân | : Today our guest is: @DoubleDice_com & @hiteshvarma and @zduniak from DoubleDice

Ahrix : Welcome @DoubleDice_com & @hiteshvarma and @zduniak to the IM community.

Hitesh Varma : Many thanks. Pleasure to be here

Bà Tân | : Please introduce yourself a bit @DoubleDice_com & @hiteshvarma and @zduniak ���

Marcin Zduniak : welcome everyone!

Hitesh Varma : Yes sure. Im not sure that @zduniak and @DoubleDice_com will be available right now, but i will continue ���

Hitesh Varma : Ah, @zduniak is here ���

Marcin Zduniak : I am Marcin, CTO of DoubleDice.

Marcin Zduniak : I was working on various technical roles, both managerial and hands-on for the past 15 years. That would include small startups (mobile apps, telco) and bigger corporations like banks, insurance and pharma companies. Involved in various crypto projects for the past 10 years (initially as a hobby) and commercially for around 5 years.

Marcin Zduniak : I got interested in DoubleDice while working on another financial related project. I saw the parallels in how financial predictions work and how these could be applied to the professional gaming world and decided to join and share my experience and dedication.

Hitesh Varma : Im Hitesh Varma. I’ve been involved in large scale delivery projects varying many industries in IT for over 13years.

Hitesh Varma : I’ve been involved in the Blockchain/crypto space for over 5years and the whole of my career has been in emerging technologies

Hitesh Varma : Thanks for translating ���

Bà Tân | : Thanks for the intro from Team DoubleDice������

Bà Tân | : Today’s AMA will have 3 session

Session 1: Project Introduction

Session 2: Question From Twitter ( (will choose 5 question)

Session 3: Free Asking (will choose 5 question)

Bà Tân | : Requirements:

��� Im Community

(��� ( DoubleDice (

��� Twitter DoubleDice (

���More information about DoubleDice :

���Website (

Bà Tân | : Start session 1 AMA.

Bà Tân | : Question1. Can you briefly describe what is DoubleDice? We would like to know more about it and how it works.

Hitesh Varma : Yes sure. i can do that

DoubleDice is a non-custodial decentralized multiparty/pooled betting and gaming (GameFi) platform that eliminates the role of centralized games providers (like casino and bookies); while delivering significant unprecedented benefits to the players.

We deliver the infrastructure for the games you know and love in a pooled betting, “no-house” setup for true-probability based best returns. Sports betting, political races, card games (poker, blackjack, etc), casino games (roulette, craps, etc.), dice games and much more.

The two key stakeholder groups for DoubleDice are 1) the players and 2) the bet/game owners and operators. So at DoubleDice, you can either play the games or open your own rooms to earn a % of all bets.

DoubleDice provides token (DODI) enabled access and revenue share to the gaming industry for all. Think of DoubleDice as a tokenized SaaS (Software as a service) or PaaS (Platform as a service) play. We simply provide the infrastructure, tech stack, smart contracts, and templates. It’s the token holders who will create the rooms/bets and get the ball rolling.

Players and room owners can choose between legacy environments (websites and apps) or the metaverse (see as a means of playing at DoubleDice. We deliver both.

Ahrix : @hiteshvarma & zduniak Please say “Done” when you have finished the question, thank you.

Hitesh Varma : Ah… Done!

Bà Tân | : Question2. What are the products that the DoubleDice team is focusing on developing?

Hitesh Varma : We will start with the pooled betting products in Q1 2022.

Players will be able to bet on a variety of bets categorized under Sports, Political, Entertainment, Crypto Projects, eGaming, etc.

Then in Q3/4 next year we will be launching the entire gaming metaverse where token holders can create and run their own gaming rooms and earn 100% of the fees they earn from the games.

You can check out what you room could look like at

The gaming rooms will also be a place for sales of NFTs and the room owners will also get a cut from the sale of NFTs in their rooms.

i’ll show another image

As said before, room operators can choose from popular card games (poker, blackjack, etc), casino games (roulette, craps, etc.), dice games and much more.

Done ���

Bà Tân | : Question3. What is the official token of the DoubleDice project? What are its benefits in your ecosystem?

Marcin Zduniak : i will take this one

Hitesh Varma : Thanks

Marcin Zduniak : The official token is $DODI. The contract address is 0x4e08f03079c5cd3083ea331ec61bcc87538b7665 ( ). We are currently only listed in Uniswap so you buy them there.

Remember we see DoubleDice users as either 1) the players or 2) the bets and gaming room owners and operators. We hence created tremendous benefits for both these user segments. Check out the infographic, in one sec.

As you can see the players will benefit from reduced or no fees + 3.7bn tokens to be given out as yields in the next 24 months + the huge benefits that are derived from the pooled betting setup giving them much better returns.

As a bet/gaming-room owner and operator you get the % YOU decide from all the monies flowing through your bets and gaming rooms. You don’t even have to pay us to open and run your bets and rooms.

You just need to buy the tokens and put them in our staking program to earn the right to own and operate your bets and gaming rooms. Then you put these out to the public, as actively as you like by pushing it out socially OR by letting people access your bets and rooms from the central platform lobby.

Decide what % you want to charge your users and that is 100% your earnings. You earning as the “social mining” fee for bringing the people together in your bets and rooms and for holding/staking the tokens to run the bets/rooms.

I hope I exhausted the topic with these answers :)

Hitesh Varma : I think that means Done, right @zduniak ?

Marcin Zduniak : yeah, done

Bà Tân | : Question4.What are the benefits of the no-house pooled setup that you have created?

Hitesh Varma : That’s a great question and a clear differentiator for DoubleDice!!!

We will answer this in 2 parts: the benefits to the players and the benefits to bet/room owners.

Let’s look at the player benefit perspective with the example of roulette.

I will share an image that we have used before to illustrate it

In a game of roulette, the punters are putting money on all possible variations

In the event that no one gets it right, the casino or the house simply takes away all the money bet. i.e. 100% of all money gone.

On the other hand, the winnings in the same game of roulette are capped for any user with pre-determined multiples e.g. 35x for a correct number (whereas true probability wise it should be 36x/37x).

So, on a spin where someone wins the casino edge is between 3% to 9% (some have triple zeros now). On a spin where no one wins, they take away 100%

At DoubleDice, this would be very different and much fairer.

Let’s say there were a $1000 on the table and you were the only one to get it right with a 13-black or 14-red $1 bet

at DoubleDice you would get the $1000 and not the $35 you would have at the casino.

On the other hand, when no one gets it right we just return the bets to the players

That’s crazy change in risk-reward. This is a game-changer benefit for the game players

Now, lets look at the 2nd part: the benefits of pooled betting/gaming from the perspective of the room-owner/operator.

I will share another slide that we have used before.

Many other platforms allow you to play the house.

But not many people know the dangers of playing the house.

If you play the house you risk the liquidity you put in as well as more if the bets turn out to go against you.

At DoubleDice, the bets and gaming room owners NEVER have the risk of paying out bets that do not go in their favour (since the losers pay the winners in the pooled setup).

Moreover, you do not need to inject any liquidity to create your bets/games.

Your job is very simply to marketing your bets/rooms and you get the % you choose to take as your cut as the social mining fee (described earlier).

Check out the 2-minute video showcasing the player benefits Project Info ( ( You can also see on that page the Whitepaper, pitch deck and tokenomics.


and sorry for the long answer. I hope that answered it in full.

Bà Tân | : Question5. What is the development roadmap of the DoubleDice project at present and in the future?

Hitesh Varma : I can share yet another slide that we use which will explain it all in more detail. ���

Please see this past present and future view of our roadmap. Q1 is when we go live with the pooled betting and metaverse gaming rooms launching in Q3/4. Let the room owners make some money ���


Bà Tân | : End of session 1

Bà Tân | : Session 2: Question From Twitter ( (will choose 5 question)

Hitesh Varma : Thank you ���

Bà Tân | : Question1. Can you tell me what is the strongest and the most important feature of Double Dice project? What is the Role of Community in the Double Dice Platform, Is they Can vote and Submit Proposals for the Better development of the Platform? @Nguyenkiet340z

Hitesh Varma : The most important feature of the DoubleDice project is that we are bringing the Creator Economy to the gaming space.

This has never been done before, at least not in the way that eliminates the risk of playing centralized houses for the bet/room owners.

As an example

at YouTube you create videos, then you attract viewers to your videos and finally you get a cut from the advertisement revenues generated.

At DoubleDice, you create the bets and gaming rooms, attract players to your bets/rooms and earn a direct cut from all the bets.

This has never been done before.

So get going and secure your bet/room today!!!!


Bà Tân | : Question2. Staking is one of the most attractive way that exist through the DeFi system where users generate passive income. With that, can you tell us more about Double Dice staking program and various ways through which users can participate in your staking program? @JohnnyNguyenn1

Marcin Zduniak : i would like to answer to this one

This is again a 2-part answer.

The players and non room-owner token holders, benefit from the 3.7bn tokens which will be given out over the next 24 months as yield for just holding the tokens. This is phenomenal return.

On the other hand the token holders WHO DO WANT to own and operate bets/gaming rooms have a staking program where they lock-in the tokens for a longer duration to secure their rooms for a much smaller amount of DODI tokens.

Normally you need 10m DODI tokens to open a room. Currently if you stake 2m DODI you can secure the same right. This gives you a whooping 80% discount for staking.

The staking program also reward the early supporters so the DODI required to open rooms goes up over time. So don’t delay if you want to get in and start earning by playing.


Bà Tân | : Question3. According to your own perspective and experience, why do you consider that the no-house methodology is more beneficial compared to the house methodology? What are the exclusive advantages and benefits that doubledice offers by eliminating the house? @Hera2Chris

Hitesh Varma : As discussed in detail a little earlier in the AMA Part1; the players get a tremendously better return in pooled setting as seen with the example of roulette where money is returned if no one gets it right and the returns for correct bets are not artificially capped

See the 2-minute video showcasing the player benefits Project Info ( (

On the other hand as a bet/room owner you do not need to inject liquidity to start a bet/gaming room + you have no exposure of losing money if the bets go against you.

You get in a way a risk free return for making your bets/games popular


Bà Tân | : Question4. Gaming and play-to-earn projects are very popular right now, however, being a casino/betting platform comes with its own set of challenges. So how are you dealing with the legal and regional restrictions? Can we trust that the platform will run smoothly, long-term? @SilasFarrer

Hitesh Varma : Good question

Crypto for crypto gaming remains an unregulated space as you can see from the success of casino games (Best Crypto & Bitcoin Casino — Powered by ( and new projects such as decentral games.

DoubleDice will be launching similarly in the unregulated landscape.

The key considerations anyone must give is

1) crypto remains unregulated since it is not fiat issued by governments and crypto is not recognised as legal tender in most countries

2) there is no house in the doubledice tech stack

It is completely decentralized.

Regulations are applied to centralized casinos and bookies to ensure that they do not cheat/manipulate the outcome in their favour.

At DoubleDice, because it is a pooled setup where losers pay the winners, there is no centralized party and there is no incentive for the platform or room owners to manipulate anything because regardless they make a % of the total money in the pot

3) regulators check up on centralized parties to ensure fairness.

With decentralized and transparent immutable records of all bets and settlements, anyone can inspect any bet in any detail they like.

That being said….

the team does have experience in successfully receiving regulatory licenses, so as and when needed or if we would choose to, we can get one within 4 months time.


Bà Tân | : Question5.What will be the attraction for mass adoption of the metaverse concept? Do you feel that this is mainly a crypto attraction or do you see mainstream flocking towards it? @lucasta_maris

Marcin Zduniak : that’s for me

The attraction for the metaverse game play is HUGE. It is HUGE in both crypto demographic and general public.

However, we are aware that that hype may not translate quickly into mass adoption due to the technical hurdles such as needing a powerful computer + VR accessories + long loading times, etc.

Eventually when the tech hurdles are removed the metaverse space will be the ONLY mainstream left ��� However, how quickly we can get there is anyone’s guess.

Note that since we are aware of this, DoubleDice will be launching and be made available in both metaverse and lighter legacy tech stacks so that 100% of all users can find a way to suit their needs and possibilities.


Bà Tân | : Congratulations to the winners of session 2.






Bà Tân | : Alright, Session 2 has finished perfectly. Appreciate your detailed responses @hiteshvarma & zduniak ���

Hitesh Varma : CONGRATS and great questions!

Bà Tân | : End of session 2

Bà Tân | : We’ll move on to session 3

Bà Tân | : Session 3: Free Asking (will choose 5 question)

Bà Tân | : Don’t forget to join the group

Bà Tân | : Thanks for the questions from the community.

Q1. Covid-19 has a bad impact in almost every sector. So, as a crypto projects how did it affect you? How you and your team have done the work in the pandemic?

Marcin Zduniak : Just keep your head down and focus on the goal.

Hitesh Varma : We are a globaly spread IT organization spanning nearly every continent. We have a work from home policy and a stay safe policy. The pandemic, as bad as it has been, has luckily not affected our ability to deliver fast paced and qualitative output. It is business as usual for us.

Q2. NFT is very hot trend now, do you pretend to catch up with this trend or still follow and focus your original roadmap?

Marcin Zduniak : We follow our original path, although actually there will be NFT element in the platform too. We are going to use NFT (ERC-1155 specifically) as a technical specification of our bets/commitments. These bets/commitments/prediction can be later on used as a trading asset, ie you can actually sell your bet, represented as NFT.

Q3. Where can I buy your tokens now, what are your current contracts and how can I buy them and what are the benefits?

Hitesh Varma : The contract address is 0x4e08f03079c5cd3083ea331ec61bcc87538b7665. We are currently only listed in Uniswap so you buy them there. Benefits are the yields over the next 24months and the pooled betting setup giving great returns

Q4. Do you have any plan for burning tokens in the future to reduce the supply of the token and increase its investment attractiveness?

Marcin Zduniak : Yes, actually yes. You can read in much more details about our burning potential operations in our Tokenomics doc:

Q5. According to the project’s roadmap- what are your most important next priorities?

Hitesh Varma : The largest next priority is to go live across all the categories we mentioned. We want users to be able to use the platform and start betting. We want room owners to create the spaces and to invite their network into their space.

Q6. Can you share to us your tokenomics? How much is the total and circulation supply of your tokens? Will there be buy back system or token burning in the future?

Marcin Zduniak :

Q7. Staking programme is very important for any project, Can i stake your token? Do you have any plan of starting staking programme?

Marcin Zduniak : We do have locking/staking program, have a look here

I can reveal that in few days time we will be revealing details of one more staking mechanism, so keep watching our messages.

Q8. Do you have strong team to achieve ambition and vision? How well experienced team background do you have?

Marcin Zduniak : We have strong blockchain engineers that we actually worked together with for the past few years.

We have also strong games development team and good 3d modelers and graphic designers. I am pretty confident we will deliver as planned.

Q9. Tell us a little bit about security? Have you done an audit of the platform? Are the smart contracts error-free? What are the test results?

Marcin Zduniak : Yes, sure. Have a look at our 2 security audits reports here:

and here:

Bà Tân | : Thanks for the useful information from @hiteshvarma & zduniak

Bà Tân | : End of session 3

Bà Tân | : For questions that have not been answered today, you can send them to @doublediceofficial for answers.

Bà Tân | : IM Community, if you would like to know more about DoubleDice ! here are some useful links for you:

Official Website:




Bà Tân | : Allright, I declare the Im Community AMA with DoubleDice has ended.

Thanks to @hiteshvarma & zduniak | DoubleDice joined us and provided us with DoubleDice information, we hope that this knowledge makes us understand more about (

To the members, thank you for following this event to the end. winners will be announced soon.




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