🐋 TELEGRAM AMA: Im Community & Crypto Island 🐋
⏰ AMA Timing : 12 August 2021 l 12:00 PM UTC l 19:00 GMT +7
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Bà Tân | :
Welcome @MikMav from Crypto Island.

Bà Tân | : Welcome everyone. Today Im Community will host AMA with Crypto Island.

Bà Tân | : Today our guest is: @MikMav from Crypto Island.

Bà Tân | : Please introduce yourself a bit: @MikMav.

Mika — Crypto Island : So yes i’m Mika CFO of Crypto Island🏝 and active in crypto since early 2017 already i guess. Today we will discuss this unique project that will be launched in the upcoming week💛

Bà Tân | : Thanks for the introduction.

Bà Tân | : Today’s AMA will have 3 sessions

Sessions 1: The chat will be muted & the team will introduce themselves then we will ask some introduction questions to the team Crypto Island

Sessions 2: We will pick 5 Best Question from our members on Our Tweet (https://twitter.com/IM_Communityitw/status/1425028116901089281).

Sessions 3: The conversation will open to the community questions and the 5 best questions will be selected.

Bà Tân | : Rules to follow AMA : ⤵️

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Bà Tân | : Start session 1 AMA @MikMav.

Mika — Crypto Island : I’m ready

Bà Tân | : Question 1. First, give a brief introduction about the Crypto Island to the community. @MikMav

Mika — Crypto Island : So yeah Crypto Island is a truly one-of-a-kind project. It’s a genuine community driven token which is set to break the boundaries between the digital and physical world by buying a real private island🏝 which will be fully co-owned by the community!

The purchase of the island will be conducted by setting aside 4% of the total fee of 10% in a designated secure wallet. This ‘island’ wallet will be used for purchasing, building and maintaining the island.

The island itself will function as a getaway resort and get-together place for our community. Basically a place where our community , aside from the digital community app, can interact and meet.

Bà Tân | : @MikMav Please say “Done” when you have finished the question, thank you.

Mika — Crypto Island : Done

Bà Tân | : Question2. What services does Crypto Island provide to users? @MikMav

Mika — Crypto Island : Crypto Island tends to become what we call a all- inclusive project.

Our token named $CISLE will be the red thread througout this project.

Besides the token we will also release a community app, merchandise and of course the main reason for this project the realisation of the mutually co-owned private island!🏝


Bà Tân | : Question3. What role does the $CISLE token play in your ecosystem ? What benefits will users who hold the $CISLE Token get?

Mika — Crypto Island : Not only will we purchase the island with help of this token, but the token will also be the native and only payment method on the island itself.

We are also developing a communitty app that will be a huge difference in terms of social media nowadays. The app will mainly function as a social media app where our community can engage digitally with eachother, but aside from that, we are also implementing features that are unique in a way that the community will be rewarded points based on the help and effort they put in the community. The best part about this is that the app does this both digitally as physically. So for example let’s say you are on the island and you open the community app. You see that the neighbor next door has opened a request for someone to help change a light bulb in his home. If you go help him you both can put that in the request and the neighbor can award you points.

Based on these points you can reach different tiers and get more voting rights in the whole project.

The token will also be available for in-app purchases in the community app and our website. A token with many real usecases.


Bà Tân | : Question4. What are the plans for 2021 for Crypto Island? @MikMav

Mika — Crypto Island : Alright sk we have the fair launch coming on august 21st! Make sure to be there!

Also the rollout of the community app wil come in the upcoming period.

And of course the marketing campaign with different big influencers is already scheduled and planned.

Aside from those things we are also starting to lay the legal groundwork in order to get the process around the purchase of the island going smoothly.

And eventually we’re planning to purchase the island, if all goes well, before the end of this year too!


Bà Tân | : End of session 1

Bà Tân | : We will move on to session 2

Bà Tân | : Sessions 2: We will pick 5 Best Question from our members on Our Tweet (https://twitter.com/IM_Communityitw/status/1425028116901089281).

Bà Tân | : Question1. @MinhTru31477298

Your initiative intends to function in a public and transparent manner, which is commendable; yet, how active will the community be in making the right decisions and so strengthening the ecosystem?

Mika — Crypto Island : The whole process of this project is built upon the community so the community will have voting rights in every decision from choosing the location of the island, and amenities on the island to presenting and voting on board members and key figures.

By contributing to the community they earn certain loyalty points. Based on how many points they’ve earned they will be categorized in certain tiers. Once you’ve reached the tier silver member you will get more voting rights and get access to the bigger decision making polls.


Bà Tân | : Question2.What are the best modes for purchasing or from where we can purchase the coins? What of the key features which make this project more beneficial than other competitors in the market?

Mika — Crypto Island : The fair launch will be held on august 21st on Pancake Swap. Through your trust wallet and metamask you should be able to buy via pancakeswap. After launch we will be listed on more exchanges such as CG and CMC in the near future as well.

The uniqueness of this project brings many features with it that no other competitor has. The real usecase of this token and its project are in place and there is currently no other project doing what we are doing by actually buying a private island which is fully co-owned by its community. So basically we have no competitors as of now.


Bà Tân | : Question3. You said that “owning CISLE, you are a co-builder of the community and a co-owner of Crypto Island”.So what happens when a whale buys and collects a lot of CISLEs? Will they have the right to decide the Crypto Island community?Do you have a mechanism against buy/pump/exit whales?

Mika — Crypto Island : The beauty of this project is that it doesn’t matter how much money you have or how many tokens you own. The decision making is not based on capital, but more on the individual contribution to the community and the island. So everyone has a equal chance no matter what.

As of its utility now and especially later on in this project you’ll need your tokens on and off the island because of its many use cases. Therefore we think of this as a project with long term investors and with the benefits mostly for the contributors and not the capitalist we think the tokens would be much more divided as a whale will have no benefits other than the price change of the token itself.


Bà Tân | : Question4. What is the difference between your projects and projects that are on the market? the potential of the your project that the client will receive using your software that other projects do not have !

Mika — Crypto Island : Basically as there are no competitors in our segment we stand out already. The potential of this project where we combine the benefits from both the physical as the digital world is uncommon grounds and we are the first project to tighten the gap between both worlds. And the pillar of these changes will be the $CISLE token.


Bà Tân | : Question5.Crypto Island works by taking a 10% fee on every transaction. Don’t you think this is a large percentage? Many such platforms currently have a commission of 1–5% from each transaction. What is the reason for your commission size and will these funds be distributed somewhere?

Mika — Crypto Island : Due to the size of this project in comparison to other projects we think the 10% fee is necessary to reach the goal of being able to purchase and maintaining a private island. Most projects will charge a fee between 10% and 15% nowadays so we are really in a sweet spot regarding the fee.

Of the 10% fee 4% will be used for the purchase and

3% will automatically be added tot the liquidity pool to keep it sufficient and self-growing.

2% will be used for marketing expenses and creating awareness for the project and its investors.

1% will be used as a holders reward.


Bà Tân | : End of session 2

Bà Tân | : We’ll move on to session 3

Bà Tân | : Sessions 3: The conversation will open to the community questions and the best questions will be selected.

Bà Tân | : Rules to follow AMA : ⤵️

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Bà Tân | : Don’t forget to join the group https://t.me/cryptoislandgroup

🍀Jőhn L🍀 : OMG

Bà Tân | : Thanks for the questions from the community.

Bà Tân | : @MikMav Pick the 5 best questions and answer it for session 3.

Mika — Crypto Island : Allright give me a minute to choose🤣

🍀Jőhn L🍀 : Haha of course . Let’s take a look at those best questions

Q1. Do you have any plans to attract Non-crypto investors to your project . Because it is the success of a project to get more investors who are still not in the crypto world. What are the plans to increase awareness around your in non-crypto space to invest in your community…?


Mika — Crypto Island : Alright so as we are a project that’s focussing on bringing the best of both worlds together we are focusing on other target groups besides crypto investors as well. For example travellers are a great focus group based on their interests and our main goal of this project. Therefore we have seperated our marketinf campaign in a digital and a physical campaign. We are in the early stages and have allready done billboards throughout some countries and much more.

Q2. what is project’s revenue model? In which ways do you generate revenue/profit?

Mika — Crypto Island : As this project grows so are the income revenues. Because we are building a all-inclusive ecosystem that combines a real private island which will be built with real estate on it, and the community app as well as the merchandise and the token we can do a lot of thing to secure income. For example add space on the app but also on the island itself. Once the purchase is finalized this will become worldwide news and the possibilities will be endless regarding income stream for the whole.community as well

Q3. Too many projects promise magic but never release any working product or prove any revenue, Within a short/long time of release. Is it like this? If not can u tell us, What makes it different from other projects?

Mika — Crypto Island : This is something that is very common nowadays. Crypto island is built upon the community and with the community so empty promises won’t do any good for this project as it’s mainly built on trust and helping eachother in the community itself. This is also the main reaaon we’ve chosen to go for a fair launch as this suits our values the best. We’ve taken every measurement to ensure full safety and transparancy. For example the team is doxxed on our website and we’ve also audited the contract and implement different sniper/bots measurements

Q4. According to the project’s roadmap- what are your most important next priorities? Does your team have enough Funds and Community to achieve those milestones?

Mika — Crypto Island : For now our focus lies on the fair launch that is set on august 21st. We will start with a small MC so there is enough room to grow for the investors. We’ve funded the whole process up till the fair launch out of our own pockets because we believe in this project. The whole team is built upon experience and many of us are experienced entrepeneurs that know how it works

Q5. Do you have a Global ambassadorial Program or Referral Reward System? Do I get any benefit from holding Crypto Island in long-term ?

Mika — Crypto Island : We have a loyalty program based on the contribution you do to our community. Aside from that you’ll have to own tokens in order to access the island itself. So with this process we can guarantee longterm holders as the benefits of holding the token are huge and when you sell the tokens you’ll lose the tiers you’ve accomplished as well as the accessibility to the app and the island itself


Bà Tân | : Thanks for the useful information from @MikMav

Bà Tân | : End of session 3

Bà Tân | : For questions that have not been answered today, you can send them to @cryptoislandgroup for answers.

Bà Tân | : IM Community, if you would like to know more about Crypto Island ! here are some useful links for you:

Official Website: https://cryptoisland.group

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Mika — Crypto Island : Thanks for having me😊

Bà Tân | : Allright, I declare the Im Community AMA with Crypto Island has ended.

Thanks to @MikMav | Crypto Island joined us and provided us with Crypto Island information, we hope that this knowledge makes us understand more about https://cryptoisland.group/

To the members, thank you for following this event to the end. winners will be announced soon.

Ahrix : Thanks @MikMav for joining the AMA today. Have a good day.