TELEGRAM AMA: Im Community & The BORG
AMA Timing : 01 January 2021 l 03:00 PM UTC l 22:00 GMT+7
Venue For AMA :

Reward Pool 100$

Bà Tân |:
Question1: What is a BORG? @DeFiJman

DeFi Jman:
The BORG Token is a collection of different DeFi profit mechanisms designed take in profits on 3 different levels.
1. Auto Tax to Holders — Right now 2% from each Transaction is delivered to all holders automatically. Your balance increases without ever needing to stake your tokens.
2. Fee on Transfer — Right now set to 2%, this will send a small % of the transfer to the BORG contract address. Think of this like the BORG treasury.
3. Auto-Balancer — Right now set to disabled, this will take the tokens out of the BORG Treasury (Contract Address) and swap half for ETH, and then auto-pair the remaining tokens with that ETH to add to the liquidity pool. This increases our liquidity automatically.

We recognized that DeFi has many profit mechanisms to take in value, and The BORG Token (BORG) has assimilated multiple profit mechanisms to create one collective. In addition the parameters are entirely adjustable by the collective (community).

Bà Tân |:
Question2: How to buy BORG?

DeFi Jman:
BORG is available on Uniswap v2.0 at this link:

We held a pre-sale for a few days and raised a total of ~5 ETH, launching then on Uniswap v2.0 and locking liquidity for 1 Year. With this starting point, we began to build onto the ecosystem to increase it’s value.

Bà Tân |:
Question3: What is a roadmap of project?

DeFi Jman:
The Roadmap has a long term vision and short term goals.

Long Term Vision: Develop an entire ecosystem around the Star Trek Universe where investors, artists and developers can come contribute their talents to increase the value of the ecosystem.
Short Term Goals:
• NFT Battles (January 2020): StarTrek Themed NFTs Battle and Earn BORG in NFT Competitions
• The Klingons (Q1 2021): Klingon Token (KLING)
• The Romulans (Q1 2021): Romulan Token (ROMS)
• Devine Treasury (Q1 2021): Ferengi Devine Treasury Vaults

Bà Tân |:
Question4: Can you tell more about BORG Farm?

DeFi Jman:
Currently, BORG implements Yield Farming in an innovative way by having “returns” come to you, directly as a BORG holder. Every buy or sell of BORG has a 2% tax that is returned as Yield to the holders. Your balance automatically increases even if you don’t stake or farm your tokens.

In addition to the yield farming inherent in BORG, you can increase your stack even further with BORG Farming.

Step 1: Add BORG to Uniswap Pool (ETH-BORG) to Receive LP Token —

Step 2: Deposit Uniswap LP Token in our Gyser to Earn BORG

Farm Details:
-2500 $BORG open for Earning over 30 Days.
-Bonus Period (Up to 6x scaled over 5 Days). The longer you deposit your tokens, the more BORG you earn.

Bà Tân |:
Question5: What makes us believe and invest in the project?

DeFi Jman:
Belief is an inherent human quality that comes from our ability to see someone’s vision and realize they have the drive to execute on the goals to reach their desires. Your belief in the product is your belief in me to continue building on this ecosystem.

My personal commitment is this:
1. This is my favorite job and my personal hobby. I gain significant pride in building things that get people excited, and I was amazed at the reaction that BORG has already had so far in its short life span.
2. I am only here to see BORG continue on it’s mission to assimilate the Universe. I don’t want a get-rich-quick scheme. I want to build an ecosystem that delivers value for years to come.

Bà Tân |:
We will move on to session 2
Sessions 2: We will pick 5 Best Question from our members on Our Tweet.

Question1. @VOHAVU1
Many new projects made a good impression at first but were suddenly abandoned. How will you manage the project and token to gain a place in the market and become a best token in the blockchain world?

DeFi Jman:
I complete agree with that statement. Many coins come out and make a huge splash, make huge profits and then disappear into the “sunset”. This is not so with BORG because it’s not just a coin, it’s an ecosystem. The beauty of the BORG is that we are not limited to just one token (BORG) — we can continue to build on the Star Trek theme until we assimilate the Universe.
Our team is dedicated to identifying the latest DeFi innovations out there in the market place and assimilating them into the collective.

Bà Tân |:
Question2. @TonL45597375
NFT have caught on very well this year and I think they will only grow in demand in 2021. The theme works very well with The Borg Vs Armada, there are many Star Trek enthusiasts out there. And what are the rewards specifically for these “battles”?

DeFi Jman:
A big part of this ecosystem is the StarTrek theme. I want to encourage artists to use their talent to earn $BORG. We will be adding NFTs from the community on a weekly-basis for “voting” by the Collective.

How the Contests Work:
1. Users submit their NFT for adding to our market place on OpenSea or Rarible.
2. The collective votes by auction (payable in BORG, ETH or DAI).
3. The NFT that wins for the week (via auction) will also receive a bonus in BORG (currently set to 3 BORG) sent from the BORG Marketing Fund.

Weekly votes for best NFT for each coin:
❇️Weekly Winner — 3 $BORG
❇️Monthly Grand Prize Winner — 10 $BORG

🔥Weekly winners qualify for monthly Contest🔥

Bà Tân |:
Question3. @Luckyluck041
Where is Borg road map now? Are all targets in accordance with the current road map? and what are the next steps that will be taken in the future?

DeFi Jman:
Our current place in the road-map is that we have launched 4/8 (50%) of our major goals.

1. Launch BORG — Done —
2. Launch “The Armada” — Done —
3. Open Farming for BORG and ARM — Done —
4. BORG Collective DAO for Voting — Done —
5. NFT Battles — Starting In January
6. The Klingons (Q1 2021): Klingon Token (KLING)
7. The Romulans (Q1 2021): Romulan Token (ROMS)
8. Devine Treasury (Q1 2021): Ferengi Devine Treasury Vaults

Bà Tân |:
Question4. @Trung34566
What is difficulities and chances that Borg face right now while crypto/blockchain market is still young and need time to grow?

DeFi Jman:
Our largest challenge in the cryptocurrency space, above all else is _Developing Trust_.
Crypto currency is a maze of honest and dishonest people, and many investors have been burned by buying into projects with large promises only to have their hard earned money taken away via some “bug (inside job?)” or “rug pull by the development” team.

Just one bad experience can turn off an investor for life.

Our goal is to drive 100% transparency and trust with regard to our ecosystem.

I want to ensure also that investors have a vote into how the ecosystem evolves with the “Collective DAO” by allowing you to vote on our future with the BORG you hold representing your voting share.

Bà Tân |:
Question5. @tho93316566
Can you list 1–3 killer features of BORG that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your platform has that you feel most confident about?

DeFi Jman:
We have three killer features that set BORG apart from other DeFi tokens:
1. It’s an Ecosystem, not just a token. With BORG you are buying into an ecosystem that you, the collective have control over. This is not just our project, it’s a community project.
2. BORG has numerous profits mechanisms to provide returns to share holders (TX Fee, Holder Tax and the complete adjustment of these variables by shareholders).
3. Our marketing campaign is wholly supported by an entire ecosystem of Star Trek fans. This is not just some “no-name” token that you need to get on board with, this is tied to the Star Trek Universe which is endless in possibilities.

Our most confident feature is the fact that BORG holders have a vote in how the ecosystem evolves. We are not developing the collective just for us, but for YOU. You are the collective. You are our customer and our share holder and we realize that without the collective we are nothing.

Sessions 3: ASK FREE
Q1: @Spott
“ Token burn “ helps to push the token scarcity and keep the value of BORG token,
Does BORG offer any form of token burn ?
DeFi Jman:
BORG has implemented token Burn on three levels.
1. More than 62% (4,500 ETH equivalent) of the tokens have already been burned. These were left over from the pre-sale, and sent to the Burn address where they are locked permanently. (
2. The Burn address automatically receives a portion of the 2% Holder Tax — therefore the amount Burned automatically increases with every transaction.
3. The BORG Token Contract receives 2% of each TX as a Transfer Fee — these are locked into the contract forever taking them out of circulation. (
We all know that there are many problems with the Ethereum network: scalability issues, high gas costs, slow speeds, etc. So, why did you choose to build a token on the ERC-20 blockchain ecosystem? Why not build it on some scalable blockchain?
DeFi Jman:
This is a great question, and one that I’ve been contemplating late at night as I analyze how much we have spent collectively on Gas fees.

We launched on Ethereum because that is the “de-facto” chain for Decentralized Finance. It has all of the stable coins and all of the emerging coins with new innovations launch on Ethereum.

I would like to hear from the collective on which other Blockchain network we should incorporate next. And keep in mind that it must be easy to use, secure and completely compatible with the ERC-20 token standard.
Q3: @inexted87
How was the idea to create this project born? It is very interesting. What do you want to prove? What are your expectations?
DeFi Jman:
My idea for this project came from my first “baby”, my first ecosystem, “DeFi 3.0”. As a starting point for my development career on the blockchain, I wanted to resurrect the “AntiSeal” token into an entire ecosystem after the lead developer left the platform leaving all of us to “hold the bag”. DeFi 3.0 ( embodies all of the qualities I want to keep developing on which are:

  1. Open and Honesty — We will only publish tokens which the source code is completely viewable and auditable.
    2. Locked Liquidity — We lock liquidity for a minimum of 1 Year to ensure our commitment to you that we will keep building on the platform. We cannot pull out any profits until after this liquidity is unlocked.
    3. Continued Building — A single token lends itself to just increasing in value, making the development team rich and leaving investors holding the bag when they walk away. By investing in an ecosystem, you have not just one token, but a collection of them that we continue building on to ensure nothing goes stale.

Q4: @superheroangel
Is this BORG fully decentralized or centeralized?
DeFi Jman:
This ecosystem is completely decentralized on the Ethereum blockchain. Currently we are listed only on decentralized exchanges, like Uniswap v2.0. In this manner, no user funds can be frozen, no one can be denied entry into the ecosystem and the entire roadmap for how we evolve is completely in control of the collective, not some centralized entity.




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